This site celebrates the lives of influential women from Southwestern New York State, as well as regional sites and events that have contributed to U.S. women’s history. In addition to highlighting women’s important roles in their communities, the original  research published here shines a light on the contributions of New York’s Southern Tier to the cause of women’s equality.
In the early 1890s, Chautauqua County was home to the largest county organization in the nation dedicated to women’s suffrage. This distinction is but one highlight of the area’s rich women’s history. From the 1873 women’s temperance crusade in Fredonia to the annual women’s days held at Chautauqua and Lily Dale, events here inspired women near and far to claim a greater role in public life.
These achievements remind us that history is made from the bottom up — by individuals at the local level. The information you will find here is also locally produced; the site contributors are all local students, historians, and community members.